A downloadable game for Windows

Once upon the time there was an ancient civilization. After some strange events this cvilization desapeared, leaving behinde it´s wolderful treasures and relics.

Thousands of years after, Galak becomes a treasure hunter and starts to collect the ancient relics for collectors and wonderers. In each mision he will figth against bandits. But this is not the only threat... Traps and other dangers lurk in the temples that he will enter.

Install instructions

Just Download and install.

IMPORTANT!!! : When you start the game do it as administrator. If you don´t do it, windows will not allow the game to write new information(like profiles and saves).

If you find any bug o have any suggestion just post a new topic. All the bugs will be solved on the incoming updates and the suggestions will be considered.


setup_Radya.exe 325 MB